Get to the gym 15 minutes before the class starts. Let the coach know you are new and have arrived; they will take good care of you. Your couch will properly set you up with the proper equipment and help you with all the Crossfit lingo.


Wear regular gym clothes. Be comfortable and don’t forget your running shoes. You may also want to bring a small towel. We love to SWEAT!


Drink water before you arrive. Even though you’ll be drinking water throughout the class, it is very important to arrive hydrated.


Crossfit is challenging, and because of all the difficulty of the workouts it is important not to push beyond what your body is capable of doing. WE want you to go hard while remembering to prioritize safety and form so that you build solid fundamentals.


The thing that separates Crossfit from other exercise programs is the community.  This factor is just as important as technique, coaching and programming because it addresses mental health as well as physical. Come in, make some friends and have fun with your fitness.